Chair of the History and Theory of Urban Design
Prof. Dr. Tom Avermaete
Main Areas of Research

Research at the Chair of the History and Theory of Urban Design follows three distinct yet interrelated tracks: Foundations, Revisions and Future Histories.

The first research track focuses on the Foundations of urban-design knowledge. In addition to examining the concepts and approaches that are employed in urban design, it also seeks to develop a better understanding of the different roles that urban designers adopt and the tools that they use.

The second research track departs from the hypothesis that the study of urban design is characterised by certain biases that have caused “blind spots” in the theorisation and historiography of the discipline. Projects pursued within the Revisions research track are, accordingly, concerned with detecting and addressing such theoretical and historical terrain vague.

A third research track concerns the development of new approaches to historical knowledge. Based on the investigations into the foundations of urban-design knowledge (the first research track) and the revision of the study of urban design (the second research track), it explores new theoretical and historical perspectives, as well as alternative concepts and methods to influence the Future Histories of urban design.