Swiss Coloniality and Its Industrial Architectures

Fachsemester Swiss Coloniality and Its Industrial Architectures (063-0859-23)
Veranstalter: Professur Avermaete
Dozierende: Prof. Dr. Tom Avermaete, Dr. Sebastiaan Loosen, Luca Can, Hamish Lonergan, Dr. Hans Teerds
Zeit: Dienstags und Mittwochs
Ort: HIL C 15

Silk factory Wädenswil, 1910s.
Source: Link

From Autumn Semester 2023 onwards, our Research Studio will delve into the topic of Swiss Coloniality. It focuses on the entanglements of the architectural and urban histories of Switzerland and the history of global colonialism. In Autumn Semester 2023 we will focus specifically on industry. How was Swiss industry historically connected to global colonialism, and how did this connection impact the built environment and the aesthetic, material and craft cultures of Swiss cities?

Within the scope of Swiss Coloniality and Its Industrial Architectures, students will be guided in defining and elaborating their own research project. This self-defined project is expected to engage with archival and other historical sources and will be articulated in dialogue with current discussions in post- and decolonial theory. In our studio, we emphasize architecture-specific research methods such as drawing, modeling and designing to interpret the historical source material as well as to explore ways to engage with these contested legacies today. The final outcome of the course will be a student-curated studio exhibition of their research findings.

The Fachsemester (Subject Semester or Research Studio) is a course of 14 credits equivalent to a design studio and is open to students enrolled in the Master’s program (not Bachelor’s). Students can only do one Fachsemester during their program.

Enrolments do not take place through the D-ARCH website. To enroll for the Fachsemester at the Chair Avermaete please send an e-mail to by Wednesday September 6, 2023, 8 p.m to express your interest. Available places will be allocated firstly conform the A-B-C-studio priority system, and, if necessary, randomly. You will receive a message about whether we can accommodate you in the course by Thursday September 7, 2023, 2 p.m. In case of over-applications, students who we are unable to accommodate in this course will still have the opportunity to adjust their regular design studio choices through the D-ARCH website (enrollment ends at 6 p.m.).


Dr. Sebastiaan Loosen